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An Easy Stand for Outdoor Photography ©

Copyright © 2011 Martha Boers, All Rights Reserved 

Are you frustrated by trying to pose and take photographs of your dolls outside because they won't stand in the grass or out in nature, either unsupported or without unattractive stands showing? 

This easy-to-make stand could be the answer. 
Now that spring is here and there's an opportunity for outdoor photography, I wanted an 'invisible' way to support my dolls out in the garden. I had bent a clothes-hanger to support my smallest doll, but it didn't work to my satisfaction. Then I remembered that I'd once seen someone on DoA who had made outdoor doll supports from metal barbeque skewers which could be pushed into the ground and support his dolls. I couldn't remember where I'd seen the post, or if he'd even given instructions, so I decided to figure it out for myself. The stands worked very well for my MSD size dolls, so I thought I'd share my technique.
Now my dolls can strike any pose in the garden without toppling over (even in a strong wind)
and the stand is completely invisible.

Materials Needed

- metal barbeque shish-kabob skewers - preferably with wooden handles
- sturdy coated wire
- pliers to cut and shape wire
- duct tape - preferably white


1. Cut length of wire and bend as shown. The top width should be the doll's waist measurement.

2. Cut white duct tape into strips lengthwise, and wrap wires as shown.

3. Wrap both sides of 'T' shape with duct tape

4. Pull metal part of skewer out of wooden handle, and position wire 'T' onto end of skewer,
and duct tape into place securely.

5. Bend 'T' to curve around doll's waist. To make a taller stand leave the wooden handle on the skewer 
and drill a hole in the top to fit the wrapped wires.

6. Push stand into ground, and you are all set to pose and photograph your doll
*Note: the stands worked very well for my MSD size dolls, but the original wire I used was not strong enough to support a much heavier Super Gem. 

* For Tiny and YoSD dolls I use coat-hanger wire instead of a BBQ skewer. Cut a piece of coat-hanger wire 13" long and bend back 1 1/2" tightly on itself. The plastic-covered "T" should be 6" across, protruding 3" from either side of the middle. 
When taking photos with the outdoor stands, try and hide the wire behind the doll's leg. 
In the photo above, the wires still show a bit - if you look closely.
Copyright © 2011 Martha Boers
All Rights Reserved

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